Meg, Neil and Biscuitwood Farm

Not so long ago, a tiny red-headed sprout named Meg had a dream. That dream was to be her own boss when she grew up, to work with animals and to spend as much time outside in nature as possible. From little Meg's realization onward, every choice she made would put her closer to the goal of becoming a farmer.


As an adult, she learned about how plants grow by keeping a vegetable garden in the city and has been a beekeeper on the rooftops of Brooklyn. She's written a book on the topic and has taught countless workshops to aspiring urban farmers. But one day her backyard garden started to feel very small, so she and her partner Neil moved to a little piece of land by the sea, a stones throw from New York City on the New Jersey short. There, they operated a 50 member CSA on 3/4 of an acre from 2012 to 2017, selling at farmers markets and to restaurants any of the excess abundance from their fields. In the winter of 2017 they moved their farm one last time to land of their very own in Upstate New York, which is where you’ll find them today,

Neil with one of our veteran milking does, Mocha. We have a small herd and we milk everyone by hand.

Neil with one of our veteran milking does, Mocha. We have a small herd and we milk everyone by hand.


Neil is the other, no less important half of this story. Though he doesn't farm full-time, he lends a hand on his days off from his career as a professional computer whiz. As a kid in Millbury, Massachusetts he and his brothers participated in the Boy Scouts and kept a backyard flock of chickens (and a goat for a short time.) While he never had house pets growing up, he adapted quickly to animal husbandry and of all of the facets of our farm and derives the most joy from our goats, pigs and livestock guardian dogs.

Under Meg and Neil's care, Biscuitwood Farm is dotted with beautiful, fluffy farm animals, native perennials and 1.5 acres of vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Their two livestock guardian dogs, Stevie and Peach, keep the goats and chickens safe from predators. Goat's milk from their small herd is used to make creamy, moisturizing soaps, Beeswax from their honey bees to make emollient Udder Balm and candles and sustainably grown flowers are made healthy and beautiful because of the animals contributions to our compost program. In partnership with their neighbors, they are able to make hay from their own pastures to keep the farm fed all winter long.

We love what we do and take great pride in our products! They are high quality not because of fancy packaging (we love fancy packaging!) or the number of ingredients we put in them, but because they are simple and made by hand in small batches. You won't find any chemical fragrances, dyes or preservatives in anything we make. We source any ingredients that we can't produce ourselves from purveyors that practice a sustainable means of production, because that's what fits best with our values as individuals, and as business owners.

While we are not certified organic, we manage our farm with a "from the ground up" approach, focusing resources on long-term improvement of tilth in our fields, while fostering biological diversity on our little piece of Earth. We want to leave our farm better than we found it, and each choice we make for our farm business includes thoughtful systems for solving pest and disease issues, welfare-focused animal husbandry and for repurposing the waste a small business can produce. We're always looking for ways to do better and each season we become more like the farm business we dream of being. We thank you for your support as we evolve.

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