Consulting and Remote Teaching


Want to start a farm enterprise, but don’t know where to start? Experiencing a problem that you aren’t sure how to solve? Do you benefit most from having unfettered access to an instructor’s ear? Let me help you!

I offer a wide array of services, from Introductory Beekeeping, Vegetable and Cut-Flower Gardening, Livestock Care and Maintenance and Farm Marketing sessions, taught one-on-one from the comfort of your own home, to crop-planning tutorials, trouble-shooting and navigating the requirements needed to do business. The personal nature of my teaching allows me to tailor each lesson specifically to the student. Looking for something more specific? Feel free to ask!

All sessions include relevant hand outs, slide presentations and are priced ranging from $125-500, depending on the length of the session. Troubleshooting and crop-planning consulting is billed at $50/hour, with a three hour deposit.

Please get in touch at to schedule a session. I want to help you to succeed!